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      Jake thanks, your message has helped.

      If you got the run around, then I know it just wasn’t me…

      You are right when you say you have to
      take care of yourself…

      Two of the meds I am on T and A have side effects and they also can’t be taken
      T with no antiacids and A with no cold medications.. The surprise is
      that I found this out by going to the library and getting the Physicians
      Desk reference and looking up each drug.. The info from the pharmacy of tell
      your physician if such and such or you are taking ” ” But I know I would have
      taken the cough medication with A if I would not have found it.

      Now what I end up doing is calling a pharmacy that offers 24 hour service before
      I take any medication or checking if something happening to me is
      a side effect of the meds or something I need checked…

      My sister has a good endo, she has addisons disease and hypothyroidism.. And that doctor gave her
      two phone numbers at his home and one in his private office.. From what I
      hear he doesn’t want her to go throught the office staff to get
      to him… That is nice…


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        Greetings warriors!!!!

        Had to add my two cents. Most of you know me as the facilitator for this
        forum. Some of you know me personnaly and some we have become friends with
        through the BB and Wed night chat sessions. I also run the local support
        group here in Melbourne Fl.

        Whats the point you may ask?????? The point is I know a fair amount about
        Graves disease and have had it for 8 years. I just called the local
        endocrinologist to get a new person with GD in to see her. The office staff
        gave her an appointment a month and a half out and the lady called me to see
        what I could do to help her get seen sooner. I am well known around town and
        this is a new endo and her poor staff had “NO IDEA” what pandora’s box they
        opened when they gave the poor lady the run around. I called the endo’s office
        and asked the appointment clerk (very politely I might add) where whe had
        received her medical training to perform triage over the phone to determine
        that someone’s 130 beat a minute heart rate and spasms could wait a month and
        a half to be seen.

        Dead silence followed and the lady said she had no training she only made
        appointments for the doctor and a month and a half was the first opening
        they had. I thanked her and told her to have the endo call me and the lady
        with GD and I would be down to the office the next day and wait in the waiting
        room until she was seen. The appt clerk said we could not come in and wait
        because they had no openings and she would not be seen. I again asked her if
        that was her medical opinion. She again replied that she had no medical training
        and I again replied that how could she determine if the woman needed seen!

        Well to make a long story short the endo called and she was seen the next day.
        The doctor also told her staff if I called and said someone needed seen she was
        to overbook them if needed and get them in. The local doctor’s know I do not
        send someone to them who does not need medical attention. I do not abuse the
        phone call to get folks in and they know it. You can use the same approach with
        your doctor’s staff if they give you the run around.

        I also make it a point to meet all new endos in town and bring them an information
        packet from the NGDF. I also ask the for an interview to see what they know about
        GD and their preferences to treatment i.e. one does RAI right away, one does anit-
        thyroid drugs first and then rai or surgery and another does anti-thyroid drugs with
        alternative drugs (herbs, accupuncture) to treat the disease. It also lets the
        doctors know about GRAVES and the NGDF.

        Bottom line is you have the power to take care of yourself.

        We are having computer problems and can’t get to your e-mail so if you have been
        writing to Jan or I and we have not anserwed we will. Upgrading to windows 95

        Love to you all and may Grandfather grant you peace.

        Jake (Achgook)

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          Hi Jake, can you please tell me how to get into the chat group. I
          registered last week but didnt know how to participate. Please send me instructions.

          Thank you,

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            I also registered but couldnt figure out how to get on-any suggestions?

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