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      An HMO is an Health Maintainence Organization. When you join an
      HMO, you get a primary care physician, ” the gate keeper”. All of your
      health care is covered 100% (usually with a $5. or $10. copay) as long
      as you don’t “sneeze” without permission from your primary care
      physician. There are never any deductables and drugs are usually
      $5. or $10. It has been a good plan for me. My doctors are
      wonderful. In order to see any Doctor besides your primary care
      physician, you have to get a “referral”. If you do not get a “referral”
      then you have to pay for the visit. Lots of people do not like HMO’s
      but so far it has been good for me. HMO’s usually have lower
      premiums than regular health plans. My HMO (family plan) costs only
      $26.00 per month. I was paying $200.00 per month for the regular plan.
      Hope I shed some light on the subject for you. Good luck.

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        To whomever knows…

        I’m just curious. What is an HMO? I keep seeing it mentioned and I’m constantly wondering about it.

        Thanx, Caroline

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          I really am concerned about using HMO’s which require an approval from
          your primary care [hysician for treatment by an opthalmologist or
          endocrinologist. Some HMO’s are not approving such care if your primary
          doctor can treat the disease. It is my opinion, and I havemany, that all
          patients with autoimmune diseases should have easy and unlimited access
          to specialist care. Thyroid disease, in general, is not respected by
          the medical community as a serious disease and they symptoms, which are
          numerous and variable are not known in a comprehensive degree by most
          physicians. In short, you need the we all need the most educated and
          highly trained physicians and those are endocrinologists. Any thing
          les could be dangerous. Any other thoughts from anyone elese on this topic??

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