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      I think you definitely did the right thing. A person doesn’t have to stay in a situation that is totally ruining their health, which stress will definitely do. Sometimes I wish I could be as brave and chuck it all, but I have too much to lose by quitting. I work at a college, and by doing so, my child and I get free tuition. We will graduate together in the year 2000. That is my reason for staying in a job that demands way too much for the menial pay. However, sometimes my situation makes me feel trapped. I can’t wait till I have control of my future again.

      You’ll find a better job. There has to be a better one than you had. Best of luck.


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        Hi Paula:

        I did something similar. I was just in the middle of my Graves and
        I wanted to be home. I was living in Texas and I could not stand
        the heat, the job and the man. So, I quit my job, broke up with
        the man and moved back to Michigan. When I got “home” I remember
        crying to myself “what the H@@@ did you do!” What is that old
        cliche? “When God closes a door he opens up a window.” So now
        you need to look for your window of opportunity. We support you
        and your decision.


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          Hi Paula,

          I hear ya! I have been off of work all summer since they asked for volunteers to take off. For me I feel that the stress of work was more than I could manage and it was effecting my health. I also have Fibromyalgia and I was fried out everyday. I have been doing a lot better since I have not had to go to work. In a way I think I am getting better because now I want to go shopping!

          I think that before I go ahead with a decission I have made it was already made in my sub-conscious brain. Meaning that I already made up
          my mind about something and then just acted on it.

          I have been thinking about you too Paula. You hang in there Paula.
          You are a talented person. Just do it one day at a time. I heard that
          journaling can help with unloading feelings and sorting out things.

          Here is a financial tip my mom told me about many years ago. She said to just send $5.00 a month on any bill and if they accept it then you are ok. I think she might have actually used this payment plan when she was a young mom and all 5 of her daughters were small. My dad just workded and she stayed home with us kids.

          Anyway, Paula I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Things really do get better. Miracles happen everyday. Really.

          Michele B.

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            Well, guys,(or Yall like we say around here)
            I am the one (in case you do not remember) a while back about work environment.
            Well I finaly did it Yesterday I put in my two weeks notice, and guess what, he let me go…..
            Now what do I do??????
            We are soooo far behind on our bills, but I just could not take him anymore, and here there is no law against verbal abuse at work it is a employment at will state…… so the lawyer says that I chose to continue to put up with the boss man by stayin at work……
            Well I quit and I need input, what d’yall think?

            AM I CRAZY TO TAKE THIS STEP AND BEING RASH BECAUSE OF THE WEIRD EMOTIONS WE GET WITH GRAVES (by the way other people have complained about the way this man treats them vendors, reps, customers, co-workers, so the not liking him and feeling trapped was not JUST graves)
            Did I do a good thing that will eventually help in the healing process since 80% of my stress came from my job.

            Please feel free to comment and even if you have to tell me that I should have tried to stick it out, I just need a sounding board.



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