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      I have been posting about my treatment with my chiropractor but at the same time meeting with my endo…anyway my RAI scan was normal, 22 and I took the blood test again and it has gone, my T4, from 23 to 15. The only problem is I’m still symptomatic so my endo suggests using PTU…I don’t want to but I guess I feel I should now. Another twist is I just came down with a cold. Do I wait til it’s over to begin my medication…or am I just stalling? I wish someone could just tell me what to do. I get so many conflicting opinions.
      Thanks…I welcome any input.

      P.S. I do realize the endo is the expert, but it does seem that my chiro is making progress???? I’d love to treat this naturally but there’s a part of me that says I’m risking my health.

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