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      the hair bit…try Redkin or Pantene. thats what i use and with Redkin my hair has actually grown back! get the kind for thinning hair. and it made my hair shinier! i sound like a commercial!
      i dont have back problems. i wish i could help you there:(
      hope your feeling better soon!

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        Or should I say this is the exact opposite! I have a problem now with my hair being too greasy! Don’t know what to do with it-My hair also is falling out again!!!
        HELP ME PLEASE. I tried several shampoos that usually get my hair in the ‘troll like’ state, but this time, it’s doing the exact opposite. Maybe it’s the pine nuts I’m eating like crazy: who knows.
        Don’t worry, I’ll survive.
        Anyone with constant back pain, please contact me. I’m in constant pain and I’m taking twice the maximum limit of Motrin (prescribed) and it’s not helping at all here. All I get is constant gas. The teacher the other day was wondering /along with the whole classroom why I was going out the door every 15-30 minutes. I had to tell them I have gas. I know, they all looked at me funny.
        Oh, BTW, I hope everyone is allright out there. Eyes doing okay, until I went shopping at Bloomie’s. (gag cough!)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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