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      I think it’s a common symptom
      I don’t have rash, but have had itching on my shins for years. I use cortisone cream.
      Works great for me.

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        Dear Marysia

        INFILTRATIVE DERMOPATHY ? If so, this is NOT a *common* problem of GD.
        I will give you an example; lets say 100 people have Graves’ disease,
        out of those 100 people only 10% will get Graves’ ophthalmopathy. (I am
        not talking about just lid lag and stare). Out of that same 100 people
        only 1-5% (depending on who wrote the article) will develop pretibial
        myxedema. This is called a triad. Which means you have, Graves’
        hyperthyroidism, Graves’ ophthalmopathy and pretibial myxedema. There is
        one other *rare* problem of Graves’ it is called ACROPACHY. This happens
        in less than .1-1% of the people who have Graves’. Please see your ENDO.

        Take care of yourself


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          based on all of your advice who told me to get to an eye doctor…..yesterday i did. great guy – specializes in graves related eye disease. i can’t say that i altogether loved what he told me though. worried the hell out of me. but – and now here’s the strange thing. he told me that the strange rash/itching that i have had for the last couple of weeks on my shins and calves is caused because the exact same cell type is to be found in two places only on the body – behind the eyes and on the shins!
          has anyone else noticed this? the other odd thing is that i was complaining to my acupuncturist about the rash (before i knew what it was) and he was intrigued because he told me that the area on the body that he would operate on to ‘treat’ my eyes was my shins and calves. does all this make sense – not sure if i’ve explained it properly. the point that interests me is that it is another expample of how this disease affects your whole body and how – if you take a ‘global’ approach to its healing you might have better results.
          in the meantime – if anyone has any ideas for ways to stop my shins itching ……please share them!


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