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      Hi Kitty,

      No message on your machine may be either someone calling a wrong number
      or possibly someone who doesn’t like answering machines and won’t leave
      messages. I don’t think you need to worry. If it was important and not
      a wrong number, they will call back.

      I know when we had a caller ID box, we would have lots of calls listed
      and no messages on voice mail. About half were from a friend of mine
      who knew that if he got voice mail, we were online and would be there
      a while, or out and he would just call back later cause he just wanted to
      chat. The other half were probably either wrong numbers or telemarketers.

      take care,
      Jean C

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        Kitty, Please lock every window and door and be careful. I’m very worried about you. For someone to call you from a pay phone could mean trouble. I’ll be praying for you. Stay safe and if this happens again call the police and tell them everything.


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          tHANKS, jEAN, i HOPE YOU’RE RIGHT.


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            I have one of thoses boxes where you can tell you who has called. Someone
            called me from A PAY PHONE at a station up the street from my house.
            My first thought! MY SON HAS ESCAPED FROM PRISON! Why wouldn’t whoever called leave me a message?
            No message at all. I guess I am borrowing trouble, but talk about being afraid??

            Off Balce Kitty

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