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      Hello everyone,

      My eye surgery was cancelleld and rescheduled for Dec. 5th. I’m not quite caught up on all the messages, but will be by tomorrow. You are all doing such an EXCELLENT job of helping and supporting each other.l I was making notes to answer things about thyroid storm, prisms, fibromyalgia, family (non)support, and bingo–they are all taken care of!
      I will tell you that each and every drug company has a plan for providing medication to those who are unable to afford it. Usually all it takes is a letter (or even just a phone call) from the doctor, and they willl send the medication via the doctor.
      The meeting in San Diego went GREAT! We have about six speakers for the conference in August, and one of them is an endocrinologist who has Graves’. His mother has graves’, and his son has graves’. He plans to bring his whole family!
      I am still using the speed-o computer at the phone company. Pat has mine almost fixed.

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