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      Thanks for the insight to your side of the desk. I guess that you are
      right in saying that if the doctor doesn’t call back, it is his fault and not
      the secretaries. I know that all secretaries are not bad because I
      have met wonderful ones. My problem is not with the secretary, it is
      usually with the nurse. They take forever to answer a question or
      return my calls 8 hrs later. At least when I leave a message for the doc
      to call me, he calls promptly at 5:15. He is reliable, the nurse is not.
      I realize that I’m not the only patient and I try to be patient. Like today,
      for example, I wanted to know my lab results. Nurse said I’ll get them
      and call you back. She called and said “I can’t tell you”. Doc will
      have to call you back on Monday!. Of course, I am now thinking
      that it is bad news. I work in a hospital with nurses. They tell the
      patients results if they are normal. If not normal, they say, doc will
      call you. Now, I have to spend the weekend worring about it. I have
      never been rude to a secretary. I do not bitch and moan and then
      come out as sweet as pie. I am polite and courteous. But, there
      are some secretaries out there (like the one Steve and other people have been
      to) that have an attitude. Tell me what the nurses say when a
      patient calls and wants a return call. Do nurses think that we
      should come in for an appt. instead of bothering them. Isn’t that what
      they are there for , to help the patient and the doctor? I would guess
      that patients scream and curse at you because you are the only one
      that they can get at. I personally would not hesitate to tell the doctor
      exactly how I feel. I don’t take it out on the receptionist. If he needs
      to be told, I’ll tell him. Including how his RN’S are treating me.
      Whats frustrating is that you tell your story to the receptionist and she
      tries to diagnose you. For six weeks, the receptionist kept telling me
      to drink lots of fluids and let it “run its course”. I wonder if she made
      this up or really talked to the doctor. Anyway, running its course nearly
      killed me! I finally had to drive 50 miles to find a wonderful doctor.
      Heart rate was 120, and 15 lb weight loss, sweating like a pig and
      the receptionist is telling me to let it run its course! I felt like she
      was protecting the md from me! Anyway, thanks for your input.
      p.s. Have you ever told any of these screaming, cursing patient to
      stop it and to take it up with the doctor? I wouldn’t take that treatment
      from anyone! Good luck in you profession. Amee

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        not all md secretaries are bad,
        not all doctors are bad,
        not all nurses are bad,
        not all social workers are bad,
        not all educators are bad,

        Sherry ,you are most likely to be a very good secretarie
        but the one thing you have to keep in mind is you are in the helping profession dealing with
        people with their physical and emotional needs.

        i understand if you are busy, there is a respect to another person who ever
        ever that person may be and if they dont give you that back. If they keep you hangin on
        by a rope, than that is not good practise. In my case i am to soft to fight back
        with these called professionals, so i lose out, by not being more foward,and
        direct,so they take advantage of the system, which in my case is wrongful
        practise,you are being paid to do a job, you do that job with the best of your

        Dealing with people who are sick,well this as i said before is nothing but abuse. In cases
        such as mine. The professional should be delt with.

        i hope i have explained myself a little better.

        thank you, for being one professional who cares,


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          Dear Sherry, glad you were around to stick up for yourself. i had thought of responding that i wonder
          how many med rec. might be with us. Personally, i watch the workers in my docs office. There is one front office for 3 endo and bot do those women work.
          When i call on the phone and they ask me to hold I know what they are doing. It is never
          justified to use generalities against any profession. We are all just people, right?
          Take care. jeannette

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            Not all medical receptionists are awful. I have Graves Disease and I also happen to be a medical secretary. I always treat patients with respect even when I’m being screamed at and abused by patients. Some patients seem to think they are the only one with an illness in the room. Patients will scream and curse at you until you put them in the room with the doctor then they become sweet as pie. Remember when you are kept waiting and waiting to see the doctor and when you are waiting for him/her to call it’s not the receptionists fault. It’s the doctors. Take it up with them. When you tell the doctor that a patient is on the phone he says tell them to come in and see me I don’t have time to talk on the phone. This is what I go through.

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