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      I had my thyroid nuked about two years ago.. I chose not to be followed by an endocrinologist after the intitial diagnosis because this dr here is just about as unfeeling as they come. Initially I lost weight but within the past year, I seem to gain weight by just talking about food. I really wish I had just maintained by taking medication rather than taking the radioactive iodine. When you convert, you have to take medication anyway!! Hope things get better for you.

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        Hi All,
        Was just wondering what ones def. would be on aprox. how long it takes to feel somewhat normal after RAI. I am still waiting for the heart flip floping and (am on Propranolol sp? 40 mg. a day) things to just calm down. I have one more week off work, I am not sure but I think because the antibodies were so high and the almost fainting in the store is why they finally told me to stay off work. Seems to me the Endo just laughs at me, I got the bad pain back in my left shoulder and went to the Chiropractor on wens. he said he wouldn’t touch it until he talked to me Endo. I said well good luck he was suppose to call me back on mon. about weather I should cut back on the prop. as perscribed or not seeings my heart is acting up, so anyway came home and within an hour the Endo calls and wants me to explain my shoulder pain probelm I did and he laughs and says well I don’t think that has anything to do with your thyroid and no don’t cut back yet on the prop. I feel like they just leave ya hanging there, though I know they are busy Dr.s it would be nice to at least be treated with a little respect. Maybe we should study up on them before picking one right?
        Hey thanks for letting me vent. Haven’t been posting the last few days cuz feeling too depressed but am reading the bb.
        Take Care everyone, Blessings Sally

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