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      thanks for the quick reply. reason i asked was when i was diagnosed with
      graves in april 96, endo had asked about family history..all that i knew
      was that a couple of “great” grandmothers had had goiters and he had commented
      that it was probably nontoxic diffuse goiters as there weren’t any other
      known symptoms related to other relatives at the time. at diagnosis time
      i wasn’t in much condition to question let alone answer the many questions
      thrown at me!

      my big concern now is my memory! i can’t think of words, remember what
      people have said 10/15 min. prior, let alone a day or so ago. people have
      to repeat what was discussed in prior conversations and then just maybe
      i’ll start to remember some of the discussion. this is irritating!

      i had rai in sept. 96 and have been trying to get thyroid replacement
      regulated. i hope this memory thing will improve (although dr has told
      me i’m almost normal)

      any comments about the memory? seems to be getting worse instead of


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        read your last post, very informative–thank you…but what is nontoxic
        diffuse goiter? have you heard that term.? what is the difference from
        toxic diffuse goiter?

        thanks for any info.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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