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      I’ve read in former postings that others have tried press-on prisms…
      well – now it’s my turn. I will be having them put on my glasses
      tomorrow. My brother, who is in medical school to become an
      optometrist, said I didn’t need them. He said their are actual eye
      exercises you can do to correct the problem.. well, I’m opting for
      the prisms. I’d like to hear from others who have tried them.. did
      they work?

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        Dear Ms. Goiter,

        Just got my press-ons a couple of weeks ago. They help. Had ground
        in prisms and double vision returned. The only problem seems to be a
        floating hazy line of vision which makes only close reading difficult.
        When I removed the left press-on that went away. Good luck.


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          One ofthe first things we are told is eye exercises should help. And they
          do to some extent but only some. For a lazy eye like a child gets excercises
          work well. For GD folds the problem IS NOT a lazy muscle. The problem is a
          muscle that is full of scar tissue and it’s mobility is decreased. How exercises
          help is the brain can make up the difference between what it sees and what it
          thinks it sees. For example the eye might be off axis a bit and both eyes
          do not look at the same spot (non-binocular vision). The brain with some help
          can adjust for the offset vision and make it one not double. When the ovset
          axis gets to far that the brain can’t fix it, its time for prisms or strabismus
          surgery. Hope this helps to explain things a little better.

          Love to all Jake

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            I have posted before about my having contact lenses with prisms. Actually I believe only one lense has a prism, but somehow it corrests my double vision. I wonder if anyone else has this, and if not why not?I am so grateful to be able to wear them, I hope it would work for other people too. Susan

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