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      Hi Lori,
      I too get nightsweats all the time. I had RAI 1 year ago November.
      I am on Synthroid and I started getting sweats about 2 months ago.
      I know it is not menopause because I have been there……done that!! :)
      They wake me in the middle of the night as well. I see my ENdo in
      February so will ask then. He will probably tell me iot is all in my head :(
      I get some tired of people telling me that!!
      I want to tell them to walk a mile in MY mocassins……..
      I don’t know if there is a connection with the sweats and Graves
      but I know they drive me crazy. I would like to sleep one whole night
      without waking…
      LynnthePB from Toronto

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        I just wanted to ask a question.. Night sweats.. does anyone else get
        them?? I remember reading something about them awhile back.. but, I’m
        not sure. I have been getting them for about a week.. It’s bad enough
        that it wakes me up in the middle of the night. I just find it strange
        it has never happened to me before. Is there a reason for them? I have
        not had RAI.. just been on meds for about 9 months…

        Thanks, Lori

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          I had RAI 23 years ago and now have the eye problems.
          I have had night sweats for the last 23 years.
          It might just be part of Graves disease for some of us.

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            Jake, can you help me. i’ve read several postings here, and of course, more confused than ever. one of the postees referred me to you. my husband is scheduled for orbital decompression at the end of this month. all the postings here are a “little different” than what my husband has gone through. he had RAI approx 7 years ago and has managed well up til now. in feb he started complaining about his eyes, and was diagnosed with TED’s. he has been given no medication, and at our last appt up in atlanta, ga he was given the description of the three surgeries they can do: orbital decompression, muscle surgery, and eyelid retraction. i understand you have experience with this? what can you tell us. as i’ve said, my husband has not been given anything through these months. all of the postings i read the posters seem to be on prednisone. our surgeon doesn’t believe in this due to the temporary relief it provides. can you share your experiences?


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              I will answer you tomorrow. As you can see it is now 10:30 PM and I am still here working on the NGDF Conference site to add the credit card and registration forms.

              This deserves a well thought out answer and that is what I will give you.

              We are all volunteers with the NGDF. The conference is coming and takes a great deal of our time as it gets closer. Thank you for your understanding.

              On-line facilitator

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