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      Does anyone know of, or ever had side effects from using the “patch” for smoking cessation; while taking beta-blockers and/or hormone replacement medication? Our endo said she really did’t know but recommended we not try them till we’ve got the Grave’s under control.( Is there really such a thing!<g/>” title=”<g>” class=”bbcode_smiley” />)   </p>
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        What??? Okay, here’s my perspecctive on this subject. Was HIGHly hyper when tried to stop smoking. Doctor that I saw put me on patch. The only side effect that I had was remebering parts of the past that hurt me and freaked out a little,.. crying a lot, being a little depressed. Of course, I was on PTU, Inderal and a baby tranquilizer that was in addition to the patch.
        What I did was stop the patch because it was causing all oof this grief. After the RAI, I tried again with more success: but I used the gum instead of the patch. Worked good, I am now 10 months free of smoking and liking it.

        The doctor who did know about the meds I was taking said “It’s just like smoking” while another told me not to use a certain kind of patch due to the increased heartbeat and all.
        It just depends on how you feel about it I guess.

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          Hi CincyKid,

          Did the patches while taking beta blockers last year and no problems.
          Of course, I gave up on the patches so I’m smoking again! Haven’t
          done them with hormone replacement, but probably will unless there is
          some big negative associated.


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