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      HI all,

      Just got an e-mail from our membership person and she told me I was way
      off base on membership. I said we had thousands of paying members. Here
      are the figures as of Feb 98. Paying members 808, non-paying folks who
      send information to for free or in the self stamped envelope (if provided
      we pay postage if not provided), 7000!!!

      As you may be able to see here we do not have funds to fund research. We
      barely have enough funds to keep afloat. As I have said before none of us
      are paid to do this. The NGDF provides information on GD and tries to educate
      those with GD and medical professionals.

      So to answer an ealrier question “Why join the NGDF?” So we may continue to
      provide support and information to those who need it. As I have said we do
      not ask people to “Join” to benifit from our organization. How many other
      organizations do that!!!

      Someone said why spend money to go to a convention when you can get the information
      on-line. A good and fair question! To meet others FACE to FACE and to talk
      with health care professionals in an open forum and to make new friends
      and meet old ones again. To share triumphs and tribulations, in other words
      show support for each other and the NGDF.

      So I will do something I have “NEVER” done on this BB. And that is ask you to
      join if you can and if you can’t that is ok too. We never keep records of who
      belongs or not at our support group meetings or on this BB.

      Love to all,

        Post count: 93172

        I think what the NGDF, Nancy, Jan & Jake and the editors
        of the newsletter and anyone else who works behind the scenes
        what they have provided for us so far is fantastic!
        Number one is this BB and being able to discuss, hear and understand
        what others are going through with a similar disease.

        Volunteering my time for another non-profit organization that helps the
        community, the budget is what keeps the group running. We provide services
        to Habitat for living, Homeless shelters, work for the Red Cross, children with cancer
        holding Bingo at Veterans homes.Not only do you meet a great circle of friends you feel good doing this too.
        How do we do it? A majority comes From fundraisers– (craft shows ( the biggest fundraiser), holding dances, bake sales, etc.onated by the volunters through time
        devotion and a variety of expertise. Because the NGDF is nationalized I
        realize fundraisers and volunteers because of everyone’s logistics
        it is impossible unless localized groups were formed and had fundraisers
        Any thoughts on this to help raise money??

        Peace and happiness.

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