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      Hi all! You can order NGDF bulletins that have a ton of info on GD for $4 each if you are a non-member. Or join the NGDF and select six free ones! :)

      Go to:

      To join the NGDF, print out an application at:

      Give yourself a Christmas present and join today! Debby

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        Hi, I printed out the application the other day actually. Is it my imagination or is there not an address where to send it to? I found the bulletins you mentioned. Got the address. So I was wondering what you got with the membership. Do they have newsletters or anything? Trish

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          We send a quarterly news letter and it is full of news you can use. Watch
          for the new piece called Graves Goobers. It is helpful hints sent in by readers
          who have found ways to make life better. We are finalizing our convention in
          Colorado Springs, next Aug 97. Guest speakers are lining up to talk and it is
          coming together beautifully.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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