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      I was diagnosed last October by my PCP who told me my numbers were so off the charts, he wasn’t sure how I was functioning. He referred me to an endo who basically sees me every 3 months, sends me off with prescriptions for blood work, which when I have it done, his office staff calls me with the results. They are unable to answer any of my questions; truth is, he’s not all that forth coming. (When I originally saw him & told him I was interested in the least invasive form of treatment, he went off on some story about Barbara Bush & her dog both having Graves Disease!) I am now searching for a more receptive and interactive physician. I live in NJ. IS there any one on this forum with recommendations? I’m willing to go to Philly (New York if I have to). Thanks for hearing me out!

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        Hello and welcome! Hopefully, you will get some responses here, but you can also check out the “looking for a doctor” thread in the announcements section of the forum.

        If your insurance allows, it’s really helpful to get a lab slip in advance so that you can get labs done *before* your appointment. That way, you can spend the appointment time with your provider discussing the results and his/her recommendations, instead of trying to make sense of their instructions over the phone!

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          Hi Kimberly,
          Thanks for the “looking for the doctor” info. I do get lab work done prior to visits but he only sees me every 3 month. At each visit, he gives me 3 prescriptions to have labs done every 6 weeks. The office then calls me with the results & his instructions. I NEVER have a chance to discuss anything with him. With the last set of labs, the office actually called me to ask WHY I had them done as I don’t have an appointment until September.

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