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      Hello everyone!!
      I would just like to say thank you to everyone who contributes to
      this BB, because it has been a wonderful, informative resource and support
      for me since I was diagnosed in October. I suffered for years with this
      infuriating illness before being correctly diagnosed by a sensitive doctor.
      I am now on Tapazole, and have decided, with my doctor, that we are
      going to be conservative about this and try the drug route first before
      RAI. I know, now, that it might be a long time, with setbacks, but I will
      try to be patient and work towards remission.
      The minute I found out I had this (Can you believe I was diagnosed with
      Graves on Halloween?) I got on the net, and started reading as much of this
      BB as I could fit into my workday. I was utterly overwhelmed with medicine
      and information, but this BB has been a Godsend to me, as I am sure it has
      been to thousands of other people.
      I was very sick over the holidays and I may have to increase the Tapazole
      again, but just knowing that this illness is NOT IN MY HEAD and that there are
      many others suffering like I am somehow makes it easier to deal with.
      Just as an aside, I see that there are many Dianne’s on this BB, so I
      am going to use the alias Sundance ( the make of my old car, which keeps going
      like the energizer bunny, hope I do,too!).
      Thank you again–all of you– and especially Bruce and Jake for their
      comforting quotes, poetry and ancient lore. In the spirit of the season, PEACE & LOVE.

        Post count: 93172

        To our visiters from all over the world.

        I know we do not all celebrate the New Year this evening but between today
        and the next month or so most of us will. We will just recognize a different
        year count. I wanted to give you a New Year wish from me and a quote or two
        I keep close to my heart and think about every day.

        First, I hope the New Year finds all of us happy and healthy. May your dreams
        come true and most of your wishes be granted. Here are two quotes I really
        like (mayby because I am Deleware).

        Good and evil cannot dwell together
        in the same heart, so a good man ought
        not to go into evil company.

        First you are to think always of God.
        Second you are to use all your powers
        to care for you people and
        especially for the poor.

        I wish you peace,
        on-line facilitator

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