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      Thanks for sharing that with us here on the message board. It is a big problem for many people getting the support they need and if you don’t have it, it really can make this disease 10 times harder for you. It’s like he’s indirectly(?) a serious threat to your health that you must deal with. You can’t dump this disease, but at least you can dump the jerk! :)

      Best wishes, Bruce

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        Linda: One of the nastiest things about this disease is the morons who
        want to minimize it! Just because you have nothing oozing or falling off
        (other than hair) they want to deny that you’re sick. How many jerks say,
        “I wish I’d go hyperthyroid so I can loose weight, too.” That makes me VERY angry.
        My sanity is worth more than my vanity any day of the week and this disease
        definitely threatened my sanity! People can’t see your heart palpitations,
        feel the pain that some have in their eyes….so some of them just want to deny
        that it’s any big deal. Enjoy dumping him, he’s probably not worth one precious
        tear you shed!

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          Hey fellow GD warriors,

          This doesn’t apply to the guys, since obviously you’re sick with
          a somewhat serious illness. My soon to be SO said that my problem was
          what all women’s was “We think that taking a pill will make us better.”
          If I’d stayed away from the _____ doctor, I’d be better off.

          His father had diabetes. I said maybe he shouldn’t have taken his medicine.
          He said “Well, you don’t have diabetes. Big deal, if you don’t take your
          medicine, your heartbeat might go up a few beats.” So women, GD is not
          a problem. There’s no such thing as thyroid storm. A third of untreated
          people don’t really die. BTW, it isn’t my looks. They haven’t yet been
          negatively affected. Heaven forbid if my eyes had bulged or I become hypo
          and put on a bunch of weight. Currently, I’m 40, but look less than 35.

          This was the final straw. He was asleep by 8:00 Christmas Eve and didn’t
          get up until 10:30 Christmas morning. This a-hole, who (or whom) I was
          supposed to marry in January and who (or whom) I thought was going to be
          my 7 yr. olds step-father is out of here as soon as he gets his next
          paycheck. Most father types would want to see the kid on Christmas
          morning. The sad thing is that he took from December 1, 1995 to December
          6, 1996 to show his true colors.

          Right now, I’m going to act nicey, nice. Then, I’m going to lower the
          boom. I hope he feels as suicidal as I did all day Saturday after our
          argument Friday nite. He hates my computer. He won’t even look at the
          net. He got mad Sunday because I talked to my best friend Saturday about
          our problems. She convinced me that my daughter would miss me and she
          would miss me if I checked out. Wonder how he’d feel if he knew I was
          telling the world.

          Sorry to vent so much, but I can’t stop crying. I’ll post something helpful
          next time. I’ve been doing a lot of research and found some information
          others might find useful.

          Happy New Year,


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