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      I have been on another thyroid BB and this is my first time here. I’m interested to know more about this conference you talk about and about Dr. Morrow – please explain. I have Graves and was treated 3 yrs. ago with RAI. Still have major muscle aches, although they have subsided somewhat when my Dr. changed me from Synthroid to Thyrolar 1 month ago.

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        Welcome Hawkeye,

        This site is run by volunteers of the National Graves Disease Foundation.
        I am the on-line facilitator. I read every day and post as time permits.
        Visit our web site at and see what we are about. The conference
        you have been reading about is an annual meeting held around the country
        where we spend three days having a chance to talk to and listen to speakers
        on subjects near and dear to Graves disease. You can post questions here,
        vent, share successes, and make some great friends. Jan and I count ourselves
        very lucky to include the people on this BB among our friends.

        You will find the BB runs the gamut from newly diagnosed to people who have
        had Graves for most of their lives. He laugh, we cry, we get mad at each other,
        and we cheer other’s successes and we feel each others pain. In other words
        we are like a family here. We laugh, love and squabble but most of all we
        support each outher. You have found a place to tell your story and have people
        listen who care.

        Welcome to you Hawkeye and Grandfather’s blessings,

        Jake (Achgook)and Jan
        On-line facilitator

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          This is my first visit. I was wondering does Graves’ (is this spelled
          right), affect any other organs besides the eyes, thyroid, heart
          and skin on the legs? Can it affect your liver or kidney if
          you have been treated? Since the thyroid antibodies are in
          our immune systems I thought I would ask. This is a great board
          and I am glad I found you!


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            Hello – I’m glad to have found this site. I have recently been diagnose with Graves’ and am trying a low dosage of antithyroid tablets to begin with. It seems horrible to find out you have a disease but a relief in many ways as you no longer feel like you are acting “crazy” or hypochondriacal – at least in my case. I am looking forward to reading this site on a regular basis and would enjoy responses from any women in their early 30’s who have had experience with Graves’ and fertility problems (like me). Thanks!

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              If I have all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism
              and there’s nothing wrong with me at the moment,
              will I become hyperthyroid at some later stage?


              Talk to me later! (-:
              Ann n

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                Please tell us more – what symptoms do you have, and how have you concluded that there is nothing wrong with you at the moment? Have you have any blood studies done, or have you ever been diagnosed as hyperthyroid previously?

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                  I just found this site – and can’t believe all the people who have been
                  experiencing many of the same problems. I was diagnosed with Graves
                  disease in May of 1998. I was severely hyperactive and after choosing the anti-thyroid drug route, (I had severe reactions to them)-I
                  had RAI in September of 1998. It took until this June of 1999 for my
                  TSH levels to barely register. Now in about a month the TSH has gone
                  from .029 to 28.6! Can that be possible? I am just learning all about
                  this disease – so much of the info. is new to me. I don’t believe I have been regulated to any degree for over a year at least – and maybe longer. I am really getting frustrated with all the symptoms. One of the really wierd things that has been with me for approximately a year is that I have a vibration in the area of the thyroid – almost in a cyclic fashion – particularly when I lie down to go to sleep. My doctor, who is a well-respected endocrinologist – said he is “mystified.” I think he is hoping it will go away when my levels are regulated. Has anyone experienced this? Of course, I went through the tremors – this is not like them – it is situated exactly in the area of the thyroid. I went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist about 7 mos. ago – and he wasn’t sure either. Any info. on this would really be appreciated, since I am tired of it!

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