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      Hello…..I recently found this board while searching for info on Graves. I was diagnosed in Oct of 94.
      I went to the Doctor after about 7-8 months of feeling strange. I felt like I was a total wreck. It began
      while I was under pressure during a break-up with my “other” of six years. I thought I was depressed and
      nervous all the time. I actually went to the Doctor to see if he could give me something to help me relax.
      Well….He took about five minutes of questions and tests then sent me for blood work. I was informed that
      I had Graves Diesase. Needless to say my heart stood still at the sound of it. Ha. I was put on PTU and
      Beta-blockers. I took them for about a year, then Insurance ran out. I felt as though I was fine untill about
      six months ago. I feel the way I did when this all started. I have obtained insurance and will be going to an appointment
      soon. This time was stressed induced also. I work 40 hrs a week and go to school 40 hrs a week. Imagine that!
      I think I learned my lesson to continue with meds. even if I think I feel O.K.

      I hope to hear from you out there…meanwhile, I still read the posts. They are positive!……See-ya, Lucy

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        You know what? for years, Ihave had erroneous symptoms like insomnia and racing thoughts and a high heart rate only if I exercised and I was always tired. I bought a symptoms book to figure out what was wrong with me and I ran across hyperthyroidism and realized I had all the symptoms but one: I was actually slowly gaining weight. It said loss of weight so I figured I was just a hypochondriac. My mother thought I was and who can argue with your mother. Especially when she is a nurse. I had a hard time with doctors. I finally got up my nerve to tell them that I really felt stressed out all the time and hoped tht they would give me some relief with sedatives or something but I just wasn’t very forceful. Mainly because I couldn’t keep track of what it was I needed long enough to make my point. I was finally diagnosed last year when I got mad and went to the emergency room after taking five times a normal dose of Pamelar and sitting up still til three am with a heartrate of 130. Someone got smart and checked my thyroid. I didn’t know what a thyroid was. AnywayI was told that it was curable and I would be done in 6 months. When I ran across this board last month I was still having hand tremors, still anxious and not sleeping 2 out of 3 nights and still having high heart rates. But not as bad as last year. I accepted this because the nurse said it was OK. She said the doctor said it was OK too. Who can argue with the Doctor? That’s almost as bad as MOM.
        My first reaction was why are these people discussing a curable disease? Then I realized I *****I***** was not exactly cured. Thanks for the education. I would not have argued with the Doctor had I not read this board. It turns out I have the entire range to go through before I get to Hypo and as I said before. Hypo for me was pretty great. So it’s not bad for everyone. I don’t want to stay hypo though, I like to eat!!! I actually was losing before my TSH got this high so maybe…

        Thanks again.


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          Hi Everyone! Just found this site. I am a 41 year old female and I was dx with Graves in June 2000.(pulse rate 160)I was hospitalized after having a heart attack while hyper.(Actually had a second attack 2 weeks later)Went home on tapozole.Stayed on it about 2 months and got a phone call from doctors because they said I was severely hypo.Decided i did not want to ride the hyper/hypo roller coaster so opted for RAI in October. I know have hip and shoulder pain.(Don’t know if that was a side effect of Tapozole or from the Graves.)Just curious if other also had cardiac involvement??

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