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      I’m new to this bulletin board, and I already want to say thanks to everyone for sharing their valuable information and experiences.

      I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in August and did the RAI thing in September. (I decided not to do the anti-thyroid treatment because I want to have kids within the next couple of years. Like Moni, I’m 28 years old.) What I wanted to share with those who are about to take the RAI treatment is how great I feel now. I had no idea how bad I felt until I started to feel good, then I realized that I did really have this disease. You would think that a resting heart rate of 120 bpm would have been a clue, but some of us are just stubborn. Now, I’m beginning to learn how to live with this disease. The best way to do that is to share experiences with others, so thanks again to everyone who shares.

      Now I have some questions.

      Can anyone help me to explain to my husband what these so called muscle spasms or cramps feel like? I keep telling him they feel like my muscles are brittle, but he just doesn’t get it. Oh, they aren’t unbearable but very annoying. (Don’t worry…I’ve been taking Synthroid for about 2 months and I’m going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow for a blood test!!)

      My second question is when is the best time to take my medication in relation to taking a multi-vitamin? I know that I shouldn’t take them together or within several hours of each other. I have been taking the replacement hormones at night before I go to bed and the multi-vitamin + iron with breakfast. Any suggestions? My doctor didn’t even mention that they shouldn’t be taken together.


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