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      I’ve just been disgnosed with hyperthyroidism. The endocrinologist I’ve seen is treating it like Grave’s Disease. I’ve not yet had the uptake scan (having it tomorrow) and I’ve had more blood tests. I have some family history of thyroid problems but it seems to me there are probably other causes. Any suggestions? My main concern is the treatment options. I’ve been told they are surgery, radioactive iodine, or antithyroid drugs. Any help on if there are other possibilities and if not is there a best choice from the options I’ve been given. Will my hair grow back, will I gain weight during & after treatment, will there be continuing heart problems??? Any information, encouragement, advice would be greatly appreciated. At 33 I’ve not been ill at all and the prospect of taking medication the rest of my life seems overwhelming.

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        I was diagnosed as hyperthyroid about 4 weeks ago. Prior to that, I
        was pretty sick for 4 weeks. I haven’t been diagnosed with Graves
        although the MD is treating me as if I was. I will be having the uptake
        scan in about 3 weeks. (Had to wait due to being on anti-thyroid
        drugs). Anyway, I just got off the Tapazole because my levels
        returned to normal. My eyes bother me a little and I will get to the
        bottom of that problem. Once I got on the Tapazole and
        Inderal, I felt 80% better almost over night. My doctor thinks that one
        of my many thyroid nodules “hemorraged” thereby causing my thyroid
        to dump all its contents (about 6 months woth of hormone) all at once into
        my bloodstream. I lost some hair,mostly eyelashes. One of my
        biggest complaints is that my hair stopped curling. I can’t get a perm
        while on heart medication so I look like a total “dork”. Today, compared
        with the beginning of this illness, I feel 98% better. I believe that I
        am one of the lucky ones. Most people on this BB are pretty sick.
        Good luck to you and keep in touch. Catherine

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          Sorry that you have to experience this disease. Alot of people on this board
          seem to choose the radioactive iodine. I was diagnosed in Sept, and
          I’ve been on anti-thyroid meds. They work! Especially if you have a
          beta blocker to go along with them… There is a hope of the thyroid
          remitting, which is why I chose anti-thyroid meds. In other countries
          the remission rate is higher, one reason may be because they let
          people stay on the drugs for longer periods. In the US it is generally
          12 to 18 mos. For me, I would hate to destroy the organ if there is
          even the remotest possibility I could achieve remission. The anti-thyroid meds
          are known for their bitter, vile taste. Swallow quickly!

          I am getting better. My thyroid has returned to normal size, my dosage
          has been lowered and now the Endo wants to lower it more. Perhaps someone
          who chose RAI can give you their experience making that choice.

          God bless! I hope that whatever you chose that you feel well soon! Glynis

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            My wife was recently diagnosed with Graves. Her endo immediately put her
            on beta blockers for the symptoms of hyperthyroid and now has her on PTU
            “get the thyroid settled down”. Likely to go off beta blockers if
            symptoms (rapid pulse, hands shaking, sweats, etc.) diminish after PTU
            kicks in. Whether we go PTU or RAI will be decided in 1 to 2 mos.; doc
            he would have her on PTU even if she opted for RAI. (He also half-jokingly
            suggested that anyone who is extremely hyperthyroid should not necessarily
            rush adecision like that until they’ve had time to balance out a little
            bit chemically.) We are probably leaning toward meds with the hope of
            the 30% (or whatever it is) chance of remission in 12 to 18 mos. Endo
            says depending on subsequent blood tests, he may get some early indicators
            of whether remission is a little more or less likely. Also, we can always
            opt for RAI at any point if we want. Unfortunately, we realize that
            whatever course, lifelong medication is a probability.
            This BB is a great resource, as are the website links and other internet
            resources. It’s real important that you get as informed as you can be
            and realize that every case is going to be a little different. Our own
            factors in deciding the best course also involves the timing of future
            pregnancies (there are lots of do’s and don’t’s regarding treatment,
            timing, medications, etc., etc., etc.).
            Good luck and keep checking this BB, I’m sure you will find a lot of
            encouragement and advice from it.
            This may be a long t

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              I was 33 when I was diagnosed with GD. I hadn’t ever been sick outside
              of colds and such. I rarely took aspirin! I can fully understand and appreciate
              your fear of taking a drug for the rest of your life. I think of it to be akin of
              a diabetic, or someone with hypertension. If you need to do this, then that is
              the game plan. I suggest that you read through the archives of information on this
              BB. You will get tons of info. Unfortunately, treatment is your decision alone.
              I went to the library and did some research, and after I decided on treatment I
              second guessed myself into a panic. Let me tell you, for someone who had a resting
              heart rate of 130….not a pleasant sight at all!!! :-) Everyone, I mean everyone,
              reacts differently to treatment. For me, I chose RAI, because of the location of
              my thyroid I was not a good canidate for surgery or antithyroid medication. I lost
              over half of my hair, it has pretty much grown back. My heart rate is around 75ish..
              so that got better. I do feel better these days, we have played with the doses of
              synthroid. I wish you the best of luck. We have all been there! Carolyn

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