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      Hey yall.

      Excited to have found this forum. Wanted to introduce myself… I’m Carrie. I’m 39 and live in New Orleans. After about 2 months of tests and waiting… I finally have been diagnosed with Graves.

      I didn’t think I had any symptoms, but I had routine bloodwork done in late July which found undetectable TSH and normal T3 and T4 (last year bloodwork was fine). Doc had me wait 6 weeks to re-test with thyroid specific bloodwork. Did that (T3 7.3; T4 1.9; TSI 184; TSH <0.01; antibodies 856) and was then put on top of the endo cancellation list to get in asap. Took almost 2 weeks to get in…. endo had me do the uptake scan before putting me on meds. Uptake was 68.3% in 6 hours with no nodules. Officially on 5mg methimazole and waiting to do more bloodwork in 2 weeks and have a follow up appointment with endo on 10/19.

      Before this health scare, I never really felt great but just attributed it to my really bad allergies, sinus issues, getting older, being out of shape (I’m not overweight, I just don’t exercise much). Nothing super major. I can get through the day, do what needs to be done, etc. After reading some more lesser known symptoms of graves, a few things make sense. I haven’t gained or lost weight or experienced heart issues or anything but I have had dry patches of skin, random nerve pain/tingles, a little fatigue.

      When I met with the endo a few weeks ago, she said that she wants me on the meds alone for 2 years before pursuing surgery or RAI (I’d 100% pick surgery) and when I asked if I should be changing my diet or habits in the meantime (inbetween then and the uptake/diagnosis) and she said no. Maybe because my symptoms aren’t bad? I liked her when I met her and she seemed super knowledgeable but after reading up on Graves a ton, I feel like so many people are removing their thyroid soon after diagnosis and changing their lifestyles a ton. This diagnosis initially didn’t freak me out that much, but after doing research I feel like I am in over my head… that I might have some major changes coming.

      Anyway, not sure if this board is even frequented very often but wanted to vent and say hi.

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        Hello and welcome – this forum has been quiet of late, but you can also check out our Facebook group at:

        Treatment decisions are very individual – antithyroid meds, radioactive iodine, and thyroidectomy all have risks and benefits. If you feel that thyroid removal is right for you, don’t be afraid to speak up or to seek a second opinion. A consultation with an experienced surgeon might also be of value. The catch with surgery and RAI is that you don’t get a do-over if you change your mind, so you want to have a high degree of certainty that this is the option for you!

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