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      HI Teresa, enjoyed your post and the bright and happy-go-lucky outlook
      that you and hubby have! Sounds much like Jake and myself.
      As far as the decompression surgery, Jake had this done but not through the sinusis.
      His was done under the eye lids. There are several ppl who post here who have had decompression, and hopefully they will post to you.
      Please keep us posted as to how things are going with you.


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        I am new to BB’s, but was diagnosed with Graves in 84-85. Has been some
        kind of journey…..Have read some of the messages posted,and for the
        first time, I have read of other peoples accounts, experiences, problems,
        etc. I was really glad I found this site, and was very encouraged. Most
        of the information I have, has come from dr. visits, books from a small
        local library…but most has come from experience. So this BB was like a
        breath of fresh air for me, in that there are others similar to me out
        there. I am looking for information, though. My eye specialist, feels it
        necessary for surgery, and want’s to do a procedure, I have not found
        any information on. Decompression, with bone removal, but doing this via
        the sinus cavity.(with the aid of eye,ears,nose,throat specialist). I
        would appreciate any help in finding info, or anyone who has had this
        particular surgery.
        And to any who would take the time to read this. In all these years of
        living with Graves, I have learned to worry less, live each day to the
        fullest extent that I can, and laugh often……even when I must look in
        mirror. And especially when meeting new people and they so kindly ask
        how old my lovely son is, that is standing next to me.(and I have to tell
        them he is my husband who is 7 years my senior). By the way…..his nic
        name is now “Sonny”. You see, in time, my husband has learned to laugh
        too.I apologize if this is too long.Going to post this. Hope it works.
        Bless you all.
        Teresa L.

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          Hi, Teresa! I had decompression done at the Mayo Clinic in 1993.
          My doctors entered through my sinuses, and the surgery is briefly
          described at their web site:

          My personal story is at
          Email me if you have questions or concerns.

          Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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