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      Hi Fran, I’m glad you made it to the BB. You will find lots of support and information here. My doctor didn’t say there was a SLIGHT risk of double vision after decompression surgery. He stated that double vision could happen after decompression and that is the reason for the order of surgeries. Since I had the double vision before decompression it didn’t make much difference to me. I have not driven since July of ’96 and really do feel condo bound at times. I also don’t feel too confident going out on my own. This morning I was really feeling down and sorry for myself. I made myself do one small project that needed doing around here and then I made myself take a short 20 minute walk. When I say made myself that is the way it is. It is so easy just to sit back and do nothing. I can feel by my clothes I am gaining weight. It’s not because I am hypo – it’s because I used to power walk and since I have been off work for ten months I have not been getting any exercise. I made up my mind that I will start SLOWLY. Even that 20 minute walk and getting that small chore done made me feel better.

      Just know I am thinking of you, hang in there – we will all get through this together.

      Take care. SAS

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        Hi Fran,
        Welcome to the graves disease BB! We are all here to help in whatever way we can.
        Please keep your chin up and most importantly, Your sense of humor!!
        With that, you can get through anything! Jake and I have found this to
        be most true in our meger little lives. Laughter is the very best medicine
        for all that ails us. Jake has had 12 eye surgeries in 3 1/2 years that have left him with perm
        anent double vision, plus RAI on the eye muscles, plus 2 upcoming eye surgeries.
        Isn’t life grand? When we consider the alternative, I think it is marvy!
        Please feel free to e-mail Jake with questions or whatever. And Fran?
        Bet you are a great person on the inside!

        WAR ON,

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          I found this board 3 weeks ago. I sent e-mail to SAS because I was’nt sure how to post. I learned I had GD in 1991. Have had anti-thyroid meds, then RAI and most recently orbital decompression(both eyes) amd eyelid surgery. I did not have double vision before the decompression, but do now. Had a check up today and made appointment to have prisms made because, I am not willing to have another surgery until I feel my eyes have healed more. The double vision is making me crazy, I do not look the same as before Graves either. I will add the personality is totally different also, once cheerful and outgoing, now withdrawn and sad. I have gained almost 50 lbs in weight, 4 dress sizes,thought I was loosing my mind from June until December of 1997, guess not because my thyroid was very hyper on .115mcg. Family thought my depression and lack of energy was menopause, now proven not to be so. The doctor lowered my daily dose and I am feeling better, except for the new vision problems and more weight gain, since meds were changed.I think my anger for today comes from the fact that I could see before the orbital decompression and now I have the double vision. The doctor said it was a slight risk, and I’m not sure what slight meant? It seems many posting to this board have or have had double vision. I can’t beleive I am still dealing with all of this and have not felt good since the initial diagnosis. My goal is to learn all I can about this monster disease so I am doing all I can to help myself. Sorry for the long post, I am just really upset today.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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