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      Yes, I had the same question, but finally determined that RAI
      was best for me. Swallowed a big white capsule Friday and have
      noticed no changes yet. From the literature I’ve read, from my
      new friends on the BB, and from my endo, I finally realized that
      there is no therapy to “counterattack” the antibodies who refuse
      to give up as they reek havoc on my thyroid gland and on God only
      knows what else. So, I’ve just taken steps to remove the “object
      of their affection.” I remain optimistic and have no regrets.
      Others have opted to continue PTU (or whatever antithyroid drug
      they are using). RAI was right for me — guess it had better be
      since that’s the path I chose and there’s no turning back now.
      Let us know how you progress.


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        Hello there! I just stumbled across this page. I was having dinner with friends, and explaining my frustration that my doctor wants me to have RAI treatment after one year on PTU. I am very scared about doing something irreversible. I never knew I was sick! I just thought being shaky, hot, anxious and always hungry was my natural state of being, but a routine physical uncovered the GD. Anyway, I don’t like the thought of RAI or lifelong hormone replacement. I’m 28 years old. I think Rosemary might have had the same question, but I couldn’t locate her original posting. Anybody want to tackle this one again? Thanks so much!

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          Hi Cindy – I felt like you did eight years ago. I was hyper-thyroid with all the same symptoms. When it was finally diagnosed I said to to RAI. I found a Doctor who did not agree with it and in about a year medications brought me back to normal. Then no medications and I figured I was fine. At that time I did have one eyelid done. Then two years ago it all came back. My Doctor had retired and the new Doctor said because of my age (51) that symptoms get worse as you get older and I should have RAI. I did and my readings were slightly higher than the normal range so she did not put me on any medication. I gave up on that Dr. because she did not contact me after any of my monthly bloodtests. My MD did not care for her attitude but felt I needed to go to my eye Doctor again. This was all last year. Now I am having a terrible problem with my eyes and can’t work and have terrible double vision. Also they want to do another RAI. This time I guess I will have to go with them. I see the Dr. tomorrow at 9 AM. I have a list of questions. I think you have to find a very understanding doctor who you like and will discuss all aspects with you. You have to feel right within yourself. It is your body. It is also OK to get several opinions. Good Luck. Don’t be scared. Just keep reading this BB and asking questions. I does help. Happy New Year. SAS

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