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      Hello all, and thank you for this forum. It is comforting to know that help is out there. Just today, I was diagnosed with Graves’ and needless to say, am a bit overwhelmed. I am a 44 year old man, and bit over a month ago, I went to the doctor because i thought I was having an anxiety attack. Really shaky, heart freaking out, etc. I had been symptomatic for over a year and just thought I had too much stress in my life…which, truth be told, I do. Anyway, first blood tests done showed hyperthyroid. 20mg of Carbimazole per day for the first month and my next blood test was done in conjunction with antibodies test, as well. Today the results came back that my thyroid numbers were in the normal range, and the antibodies test shows Graves’. All of this has come while on vacation in New Zealand. The doctors have been treating it to their standards. I have had no scans, yet, and have not seen Endo Doc, as that is not what is recommended in this country. They have suggested blood tests every 6 weeks and the Carbimzole for a year. I am still fairly jittery, though again, we are in process of moving and that itself comes with stress (especially moving to a different continent). Sorry to be getting wordy, btw, I just think a bit of back story might be helpful. My eyes are dry and a burn a bit (kind of feel like I have been swimming in a pool without goggles), the whites are a bit red, too. Nobody, thus far has discussed what to expect moving forward, yet. I received my results over the phone.

      So, my question: we are in the process of moving to Ubud, Bali, as I get all of this news, and I am a bit concerned that I might be not be able to get the medical care needed moving forward. I am far away from home doctors and honestly am feeling a bit alone. I just want to know what I am getting my self into, being my new diagnosis and being in the middle of moving to a new land where health care might not be what I am used or understand. I know that there is a good expat community in Ubud, and western Drs because of this. I just want to know I am not making a mistake. Thank you for you time and help. This is all a bit overwhelming. Andy

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        Hello – WOW, you have a lot to deal with on top of a new diagnosis! For now, I think the biggest priority is to make sure your new location has access to a doctor who can get lab tests done for you every few weeks and tweak your dose of carbimazole as needed. An endo would be preferred, but a general practitioner can handle labs and dose adjustments in a pinch. You have two other treatment options (radioactive iodine and surgery), but both would require the expertise to administer (particularly with surgery) and you would still need labs and doctors’ visits every few weeks until you make sure you are on the right dose of replacement hormone.

        If you check out the “looking for a doctor” thread in the announcements section of the forum, some of the search engines do have options to search all over the world.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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