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      Today I went to a new ophtho who was recommended by Gwen’s doc in Philadelphia (I’m in Dallas). I feel so good about it I’m almost manic. This guy is my kind of doc. He was:

      Very professional
      Very knowledgeable about Graves
      Very willing to impart tons of information – we talked for 45 minutes
      Very amenable to working with me on radiation to stop progression
      Very adept at explaining in detail my CT scan
      Very accessible – he called me back later this afternoon when I
      needed to tell him that the endo he recommended wasn’t on
      my plan.
      Very encouraging – he said my main problem is eyelid retraction and
      eventually we can fix that.

      Wants to see me in 3 months to see how I’m doing against the baseline and talk about radiation at that time.

      Hallelujah! Bulletin Board: thank you, thank you , thank you.


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