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      CHECK IT OUT! Make this visit a top priority on your to-do list! Thanks, Jake, Annette and Archie for all of the time and energy you’ve put into providing us access to updated GD info and a support group on top of it!

      In appreciation, Debby

        Post count: 93172

        I posed yesterday that changes were coming. Well changes are here!!
        Annette e-mailed me this morning and she has the new and improved
        home page up and running. It has the NGDF application, bulletins.
        history, links, advisors and a new FAQ about GD. Feel free to make
        suggestions and the E-mail us gets sent to me. So you get to see
        my witty remarks and see how often I forget to answer my e-mails.
        The bulletin on Graves disease (a man’s prespective) was written by
        me so I can highly recommend it for any man or wife or girl friend
        or POSSLQ (person of opposit sex sharing living quarters). Hay
        don’t blame me the census came up with that one. Go figure Government
        employees sheesh. Thank you Archie and Annette looks great!!! Now
        a word for a future sponsor. The BB gets between 600 and 2000 hits a
        day. If you work for a company why would like to advertise in the
        sponsors portion of the support group page it might be worth having
        them look into us. OK OK enough of hat in hand. Your joining the
        NGDF is what keeps us going. And if your company would like to join
        the NGDF as a sponsor we will accept their checks and money orders as
        well. How did I get back into asking for cash again. OK OK Now I
        will stop.

        Talk to you all latter

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