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      Hi Everyone,

      Well it’s after 2am and I can’t sleep! Got a monster
      headache and butterflies galore in my belly!
      one more day and I’m getting on the plane to Toronto
      for my surgery. All those crazy thoughts running
      through my mind! I’m leaving a small town of 10.000
      and going to a city with a population of, how many
      people Lynn??? Anyway I’m totally a wimp right now :)
      And I must try to get some sleep and stop writing
      foolishness!!! I feel like I’m talking to myself or
      something! anyway I’ll blame it on STRESS :)
      Please keep your fingers ( and toes if possible!) crossed
      for me!

      Love to all,

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        Good luck with your surgery, I will be praying for you.
        Take care and God Bless.
        P.S. All of my Fingers and Toes will be crossed also my Legs.
        Carole A

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          I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Good luck with your surgery – I know you’ll do fine!


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            Well bud just saw your post haven’t been around
            to much but see your going through some pain
            my prayers are with you and all my friends i met
            on this bb give a shout if your going to be in ontario
            for a while


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              Dear Crazy
              Just had to post and ask if you live in Ontario? I live in Peterborough ontario take care now little one Barb

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                I tried Melatonin, generic name :), over 1 year ago. The third time I took my 1.5mg dose (this was only 1/2 a pill) I had a vivid, horriffic, goolish nightmare. This usage was probably in a 1 & 1/2 month period. I discontinued any further use.

                My husband who does not have Graves used the Melatonin occassionally for about 4 months then his nightmares started upon use. He also discontinued.

                Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain. It is natural but not to be confused with an herbal treatment, which it is definetly not.
                (USE CAUTION) “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by James Balch which can be found at most health food stores says “Although no toxic levels of melatonin have been found some reasearchers feel that certain people probably should NOT use this supplement until further information is available. Included in this category are pregnant and nursing women;people with severe allergies or autoimmune diseases….”

                Just thought I would give my personal experience here and this way if you get the nightmares you know why!
                At the time of use, I was already in a remission from Graves and not on any drugs.
                No S, No T, No PTU, No RAI formerly took the T anti-thyroid drug.:)

                So now what-
                I find that chamomile tea works well (for me, my huband doesn’t like it) Don’t think it would be good to use every night. When I realize I need something stronger I take Valerian Root which really works great for both of us.

                Be Well
                linda :)

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                  After reading the message about Mela

                  (since we are not supposed to use names…) I decided to look into it for my daughter. I happened to have a bottle for myself. The warning label says NOT to be used by individuals with autoimmune diseases. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that includes GD and other thyroid conditions, doesn’t it? It also says not to be used by people with depressive disorders. Just thought I would pass this along. I suppose if your doctor okays it, it would be fine, but I would certainly check with a doc before trying it.

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