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      I was told to get off my syntroid, 3 weeks ago.
      because the new endo said my blood was normal so i
      did, than i found out that my endo never got the tsh
      and was going with just my t4 so i called my other doctor
      to say do a tsh from the last t4 to see whats up so the nurse
      calls back and says steve your blood is normal today went to my
      gp who went out of his way to find out what my blood was and to
      find out that im Hyper again.So did more blood get some answers
      next tuesday gee all sorry but crazy still sits on the bb ain’t
      going yet.

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        I was at Wednesday’s chat and just wanted to listen to all. I’m newly diagnosed with Graves Disease. I will be having RAI Tuesday. Is there anything I should be taking before or after RAI?

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          Welcome Dopey:

          In regard to your question, it will depend on your doctor to decide if you will be taking anything following your RAI on Tuesday. Sometimes physicians will opt to start patients on thyroid replacement in the form of Levoxyl or Synthroid (both are T4 preparations) after the administration of RAI as a hedge against you’re becoming hypothyroid. I don’t know if you are taking beta blockers now or not, but that is also a possibility. I wouldn’t necessarily anticipate you’re having to take anything before receiving the RAI either. Whatever your doctor decides, I hope you are better soon. Take care.


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            Hi, Dopey:

            There were very few restrictions or recommendations that I remember with regard to the RAI. There may be have restrictions against eating shell fish prior to the treatment (for two or three days), because these are chock-a-block full of iodine, and can interfere potentially with uptake. (That might only have been a restriction with the scan, I cannot completely remember.) I think it was recommended that I drink a lot of water after the treatment. Any excess radioiodine (that isn’t caught up in the thyroid itself) is eliminated from the body through the urine and sweat, so drinking water helps to rid the body of the excess faster. If your session goes like mine, the nuclear doctor will sit down with you, talk about the process and give you instructions. They are simple, really, but it might help you to take along a note pad and pen so that you can jot them down. Feel free to email me, if you think of any other questions I could help you with.

            Wishing you good luck and happiness.


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              ME Again,

              Well ive been here 1 year now
              i have seen and heard alot about
              Graves disease, i wished that i was well
              by now but that is a wish and sometimes
              they dont come true the real wish i have
              is to be me again is that so much to ask.

              Yes,i dont have graves as bad as some of
              you here but i still fight this disease
              everyday my gp on friday said steve your not
              nuts you have graves and your not crazy that
              was comforting.I just started last month having
              slight problems seeing with my left eye but the eye
              doctor said my eyes were good i know by now it takes
              more than one doctors opinion but, so i guess i will have
              to see another one soon.I also have skin cancer in the
              mild state this to i’ve been told is nothing so i will
              just go with the flow, My company has hit bottom because
              i dont have any motivation to put into it.By now i have learned not to involve my family, and friends to much fore they still dont understand graves, so i come here to vent hoping the bb listens thanks once again your always hear for me. Steve

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                hello ,does anyone ever get a tingle sensaton in there
                left arm or up there left arm don’t know if this is graves or stress get back will yea.


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                  Hi all – I just wanted to give an update on my daughter. She was diagnosed with Graves back in Aug. She did RAI and things have been great.. she gained 2 pounds, sleeps thru the night, still eats like there is no tomorrow. She takes Atenole 2x day and we have no ill effects. I guess this makes up for the crappy year we had prior to diagnosis. We go back to the endo tomorrow but I was reading some post and I just wanted to say “hang in there” I know its hard sometimes times, god only gives us what he knows we can handle.
                  Can someone give me some Fundraising advice? My daughter is a singer and is in a very very well known music school.. we do so much for others, why not bring some awarness to the Graves Foundation… we are putting together our show for the fair season and would really like to help. Please let me know

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                    Hello and thank you for thinking of us.

                    We have forwarded your message to our director Dr. Nancy Patterson. She will contact you by e-mail.

                    If I remember right we had a person volunteer for fundraising at our conference.

                    We are only a click away.

                    On-line Facilitator
                    Co-Author “Graves’ Disease In Our Own Words”

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