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      Insomnia again. I wish I good get a week or even two or three nights of good sleep in a row.
      The betablockers are helping, lots, but I’m going through Xanax withdrawal which involves insomnia and restlessness.
      Then there’s PMS which seems to effect things! Of course, when I felt I COULD sleep the baby kept waking up…she’s teething.
      My husband has male pattern deafness and doesn’t “hear” her cry. I thought since I had to stop breastfeeding because of
      this crap that he would help out more in the feeding department, wrong! On top of that, he never lets me be ill alone:
      He always has to have sympathy ailments…right now his blood pressure is up, he’s getting pains in his arms,
      feels dizzy off and on. Then I am required to plead with him to see a doctor, make the appt., etc. His company is
      playing headgames with everyone about moving the plant, merging with another co., etc. which has him and all
      his co-workers tense and irritable. They are supposed to announce it a few days before Christmas. Just the
      stress we need right now. Then the dentist wants to do an expenive cap on my 3 yr old’s tooth, she banged it and
      now it’s loose. Then the 8 yr old has an oddly angled cavity and the dentist wants to cap that, too. Even with
      dental insurance our portion is in the triple digits!!! AAAGGHH!

      I’m tired of being tired and not being able to sleep. When sleep does cooperate, then something else
      has to wake me up. I try, try, try to be optimistic and keep a stiff, upper lip, but I am so tired of
      this disease and everything that comes with it. Occasionally, I’ll get a day where I feel good – then the
      next day it’s back to the ups and downs. I am grateful for the days I feel good, I just wish that one day
      I’d get up and feel good on a consistent basis.

      I understand that once the T3 & T4 return to normal in the blood that there is still stuff
      in the fatty tissues to work it’s way out. How long does this take???

      Sorry to whine so early in the day! It feels SO good to get it out.


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