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      Hi everyone, I am a female in my forties who was diagnosed with Graves Disease nine months ago. I have been on Tapazole and was feeling ok until my medication was lowered. In the past two months I have experienced panic attacks which first occurred only in specific instances and escalated to a more generalized panic disorder. My Endo prescribed Ativan (which I have not taken consistently) to calm me down and suggested that I see a psychiatrist because she thinks my problem does not totally stem from my thyroid condition. Since Christmas my anxiety has subsided(perhaps because I am off from work) but I have been feeling extemley tired and weak and not motivated to do much of anything. I would like to see another Endo for a second opinion and would like to know if any one can recommend someone in the northern New Jersey area or New York City who really knows how to treat this disease. Also if any one knows an alternative physician who has been successful in treating this disease please let me know.

      Thank you so much for your information and support.


        Post count: 93172

        Hi JJ,
        Once I was diagnosed with Grave’s, I immediately tried to find several Endo Docs to go to for insurance purposes and Non-Insurance purposes.
        Maybe you could try calling other Endo Docs from your Yellow Pages under “Physicians” (or their Specialty)..Endocrinology, or if you have insurance, you could possibly call your main family Dr. or your insurance health carrier and see if they can provide information on other Endo docs that they may deal with. The last resort (which could possibly be your first) could be to call someone at the ( to assist you with finding someone in your area.
        Hope I could help,
        Moni (in Detroit, MI)

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