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      I am seeking info/support for undergoing radioactive iodine therapy. I had a thyroidectomy in June and will start a low iodine diet next week. They found a small amount of cancer and want to use the radioactive iodine to treat.

      I will be taking thyrogen since I have had great difficulty being low or high.

      Can anyone give me info on what to expect. Will I have symptoms with thyrogen or the radioactive iodine?

      Suggestions for isolating from others and what worked best, how did you pass the time.

      I will be having 100 mc.

      Thank you,

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        Hello – Sorry that you are dealing with this, but glad that this was caught post-thyroidectomy. Hopefully, you will get some responses here, but also check out – they provide excellent credible information on all things thyroid cancer. They also have a free low-iodine cookbook. If you have the time and energy, suggest taking a whole day to pick a few recipes and freeze extra portions, as it’s harder to rely on convenience foods when going low iodine.

        You might consult with your endocrinologist and an ophthalmologist as well to see if they have any concerns about thyroid eye disease. I’ve *not* heard of any issues with this with thyroidectomy+RAI – but it would be worth getting an expert opinion.

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          Thank you!

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            I also recommend you visit, they have reliable information.

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