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      For Glynis…whose house is for sale!!!
      Who says she needs a funny right now
      or she’ll wail…

      I am naughty, in my robe, and needing a shower,
      when real estate agents could call any hour.
      My house is messy, my work undone,
      And here I sit to rest and have fun!
      My distant friend, Glynis cried out for a joke!
      I hear jokes and lose them like wind blowing smoke.
      “I need a funny” she put on a post,
      This poem is the best I can do at the most.
      It’s for you and your hubby, so giggle together,
      I send it with fog, to cool off your weather.
      The fog’s from the coast, ‘cept the part from my brain,
      Some days I’m so foggy, you could forecast me rain.
      These words tumbled out…now just toss them aside,
      and the next time I answer your joke need, just hide.

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        The last two days have been straight from of the PIT. Please, someone, post a funny!

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          I hope you think this is funny Glynis. I think it’s cute..

          One day a city dweller decided to take a ride in the country. He hopped intohis fancy, imported sportscar, zipped out along the big highway for awhile, then got off and drove along a very rural dirt road in the middle of farm country. After awhile, he came across a farmer who was out inthe fields, driving a tractor. Funny thing was, the farmer didn’t seem to be wearing any pants.

          “Hey farmer, how come you’re not wearing any pants?”

          “Well city boy, th’ other day Iwent out a’workin in th’ fields, and I plum fergot t’wear mah shirt. Got back to th’ house that night, and my neck was stiffer then an oak-wood board. Now this here’s mah wife’s idea.

          you probably heard it huh?

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            Thanks, Lori and Unnamed Poet! :-)

            I think being stuck in the parking lot with 3 kids, 94 degree heat and melting ice cream and all my usual rescuers not home almost undid me. My husband fixed the car (electrical problem) and I’m just going to try and forget the other 99 things that went wrong the last couple of days.

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              A bat flew back to his cave with blood all over himself. His friends all came up and asked him where he got the blood.
              “Just leave me alone.” he said
              Oh, come on man tell us where you got it.
              “Just leave me alone and let me rest”
              But they persisted so he said ” OK, follow me”
              He flew across the river, down the canyon and into the woods where he slowed down and pointed out a tree, ” see that tree? well…I didn’t” ( maybe he wore TWO eyepatches !!)

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