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      Has anyone has problems with alot of dizziness? Lately, I feel like I am going to pass out half the time; It doesn’t matter if I am standing up or sitting down. My blood pressure and/or pulse do not go to abnomal levels at all during these bouts of extreme dizziness. I also have been very nauseated lately. Anyone have any ideas on why this might be? I KNOW I am not pregnant; I just had a baby 7 weeks ago and haven’t felt like having sex since, so that is not a possiblity. Any ideas?

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        I get a little dizziness upon standing or moving quickly. It started
        when I started taking the Inderal. I also see stars sometimes.
        It was pretty bad in the beginning but is now starting to subside.
        Ask your MD if it could be your meds, or call the pharmacist.
        Do you think you could have the “flu”? Hope you feel better soon.

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          I’m new to the BB, but noticed some of your earlier postings. It sounds
          my wife and you are in similar situations. We have a 4 month old and this
          pregnancy seems to have activated Graves in my wife. She’s had blood and
          uptake scans so the endo has ruled out postpartum hyperthryoid. She was
          also extremely hyperthyroid. We figureed it was just being run-down (we
          also have a 2 1/2 year old), hormones out whack from recovery of pregnancy,
          sleep deprivation, etc. She’s now on beta blockers and PTU and just
          yesterday said she felt like she was going to pass out and had to lie down
          for a while. Since she’s only been on beta blockers for 2 weeks and PTU
          for one week, we figured she’s still “getting used” to these meds; but
          who knows. She goes back to endo next week, and we are preparing for our
          next barrage of questions to him. Hopefully this is in the normal range
          of possible symptoms, side effects, etc. but we’ll be asking soon. Also,
          one of the best things about this BB seems to be the reassurance that
          there are actually other people going through the same or similar things.
          My wife is not “on-line” so I’m her liaison to the BB for now (I have
          internet access through work). Hopefully we will hook her up soon.
          Good luck.

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            I think that anyone experiencing dizziness should mention it to the doctor at a regular visit and ask nicely to be tested for anemia. People with thyroid diseases often lack intrinsic factor. That interferes with the metabolism of vitamin B12, and can result in anemia. ‘Seems to me that a little nausea can go along with that.

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              My endo. said the dizziness was from my low blood pressure (85/50).
              Has anyone found anything that worked for combatting this besides
              just laying down?


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                I have that periodically, I keep protein bars and grahm crackers in my desk
                for those such occasions. I eat a cracker first, for the sugar, then the
                protein bar. I also graze most of the day. I am suppose to eat six light
                meals per/day. Sounds easy but its not….anyway, this is what worked for me
                Hope it helps you….Carolyn

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