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      Hi all,

      I talked to Nancy last night and she is doing well. She got her computer back yesterday and
      is going to try to get on line today. Hopefully you will see her smiling posts later this
      evening. Glad you all liked my post on thoughts at large. Hope it wasn’t a downer. Just keep
      writing in and we will keep answering. I am glad this BB is growing. We have hit the 3000 hits
      a day mark and will probably surpass 100,000 per month by next month. Keep up the good work.
      I want you all to know I use the posts here for my local support group a lot. They ask me to find
      out info for the next meeting and it usually shows up here. Makes my job easier. My group will
      have a VIP guest speaker next month. Holmes Hospital was kind enough to pay Dr. David Tse’s expenses
      to come and do a CME at the hospital. He will meet with my group in the evening. Dr. Tse is THE
      top eye surgion in the country. I will see about video taping the meeting for other support groups to
      use. Talk to you all latter.

      I wish you peace,
      On-line facilitator

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