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      Good Morning Warriors,

      As I was driving to work this morning; running a little late,
      I realized I was speeding. I looked in my rear view mirror
      when I saw flashing lights from an unmarked police car.
      Thinking to myself, that I really needed this now. Anyway, he asked
      me for the usual; D.L., Registration, insurance card.(I have a clean driving
      record and do not need a speeding ticket)Anyway he went back to his
      car checked my record and returned. He proceeded to ask me questions, i.e.
      (Where I was going, etc.) Nervous, before I knew it I blurted out”That
      my thyroid made me do this.” The officer said excuse me, I said yes,my
      hyper thyroid. The stoic officer actually, cracked a smile. He then said “I
      understand my wife and mother-in-law have thyroid problems. He just
      issued me a warning and said to drive carefully. I was relieved hearing
      this. So, if anyone else gets stopped by a police officer, You may want to mention
      “your thyroid.” Except if you commited a felony.

      Also,, thanks to Officer Heimrich for letting me go!

      Have a great day,


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