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      Dear Linda,

      Thank you so much for posting your advice to me, I really did appreciate it!! I will try the GingkoBiloba that you mentioned, maybe it does have some beneficial ingredients in it. You sound exactly like the problems I experience. I get under a lot of stress and my mind stops functioning the way it should. I’ve read where stress possibly caused the disease we share now, so maybe when we are under it our minds become blocked. Maybe it’s self preservation?

      I have been dealing with depression for quite some time now and I know this plays an important role in the way our brain chemistry works. I’ve tried anti-depressants before but the side effects are too much for me to handle. Maybe I haven’t found the right one yet.

      I will let you know how my endo appointment goes next Wednesday. I am hoping he has some good advice to give me.

      Thanks again… Diana

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        Hi Linda. Crazy parents are scary. My boyfriend’s mother thinks that it’s all my fault that my boyfriend went manic. He’s been bipolar for 6 years now. She doesn’t listen and she is trying to keep up apart. She starts lying about everything and to her it’s the truth. She has convinced Kirk’s doc that he’s so manic that he doesn’t have any concept of reality. Until today, I’ve been visiting him every day. I still talk to him on the phone, but they won’t let me see him, no matter how much he asks for me. They’ve put him in a high security ward. He’s making sense and understands that if he loses his temper they’ll keep him even longer. I’m sorry for going on so. My point is that hyperthyroid people and bipolar people tend to exhibit the same symptoms. As for crazy moms, you’re best bet is to get away from them.

        IF YOU REALLY FEEL THAT YOUR LIFE OR YOUR FAMILY’S LIVES ARE IN DANGER, GET AWAY SOMEWHERE AND DON’T TELL HER WHERE YOU ARE! I know that seems difficult but it’s necessary. As for your frustration with men, I can understand that. “Men talk with their heads and women talk with their hearts so it’s almost impossible to communicate.” That’s not exactly verbatim, but it’s from a movie. I found that very insightful.

        Anyway, I hope this is helpful.

        Warm fuzzies, Caroline

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