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      I guess my post on 6/2 was a little “heavy” for you guys. Sorry…Gwen

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        Dear Gwen, your message wasn’t too heavy( assuming we are talking about the same one)
        it is just that this board doesn’t really line up with what you
        were saying, RAI looks like it can be plenty hard and complicated. We are fortunate that there are any methods to help us,
        but all three of them have their problems. If I learn anything here it is
        that we are all slightly different ( and as my dear father used to say, we are also all slightly perfect)
        and therefore need to assess the treatments individually. However, there
        are known dangers we should all know about and discuss rationally, and there
        are controversial dangers and possibly underdocumented and underdiscussed
        possible dangers, patterns etc. that we should discuss cautiously. But we should discuss
        them. I think it is good to be upbeat as you helps. If we can
        integrate being hopeful with facts and realism, I think our chances for excellent self care and appropriate self advocacy
        in our doctor’s care is greatly increased. Talk to again! Best wishes, Jeannette

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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