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      HI everyone! Probably lots of you have seen my homepage, with eye photos and stories for Bruce and me, plus Jake’s story and (someday–nudge, nudge) eye photos. If you haven’t, the address is The page started because Bruce was kind enough to help me get it going, and Jake helped by getting me his story. Anyway, I would like to get EVERYONE on there. Pretty ambitious, I know. I think it would be a good place to keep a more permanent record of everyone’s particular experience with Graves’ Disease, for people of all ages and treatment choices, so that the new people would have some better resource information. Remember how scary it is when you first find out you have it, and you don’t know what to expect? (I do!) Anyhow, those who’ve said you’ll do it, consider this a major NUDGE, and the rest of you, please consider it. Thanks!
      Love to all, Dianne N

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