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      What you do today will determine how your eyes feel tomorrow. Use eye drops
      at least every two hours minimum. Cool compresses (Bruce said use tofu makes
      great soup when done, tastes just like chicken) and lube your eyes at night
      like you have been doing. Tape the eyelids if needed or wear a night mask. If
      the eyes still hurt like the dickens get to the doc and have a eye stain done
      to see if you have bad dry spots or scratched your cornea.


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        Hi everyone,
        Woke up this morning, my left eye was burning so much i thought i would
        go insane, I had eyelid surgery but they still dont’t close completely
        at night so i have to use some lube, lately the one my doctor precribed
        (lacralube) doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore no matter how much
        i use so i guess they hurt so much because they dry out at night.
        I tried my doctor he’s away on vacation,again!
        Can anyone help me with this, is there something else i could use to keep
        my eyes from drying out at night? i know this is not good when your eyes
        get so dry that your in pain.Thanks,Jenna

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          Hi Jenna,

          The only things I’ve found that help at night are a very high humidity
          in the bedroom (kind of feels like a cool sauna in here!)and to put
          drops in my eyes and then the lubricant right before I go to bed. My
          eyes close when I sleep, but they are still dry, red, and itchy.

          I’ve started using the drops with the lubricant because the lubricant
          alone makes my eyes burn if I open them. Anyone else have this problem
          with the lube? I’ve tried Duolube and Refresh PM and they both do it.
          Any suggestions?


          p.s. Hi everyone from Iowa! Lived there for 40 years before moving
          to KC.

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            Hi Jenna! Ditto to everything Jake recommended. Taping or covering my eyes at night after using the eye lubricant seemed to be the only way to keep my eyes moist enough. I personally opted for a second lid retraction to get my eyes to close more completely. Notice I used the word “more” – they still don’t close as tight as they used to, but I don’t have to lube or cover any more to get a pain-free night of rest.

            Good luck, Debby

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              Ann Marie describes the eye discomforts so well, I can actually feel it again….still…I haven’t really felt right with my eyes since being diagnosed…and long before, but they have cooled down since treatment and stablization. I think we all remain addicts to lube eye drops, at least I am on a daily basis, and I still wake up in the night with the dry eye-ball, so more eye drops or the eye will be redder than usual the next day. When I was initailly diagnosed and my eyes were flaming, and protruding, pressure pain…I though something HAD to be done for this other than eye drops. I mean, I was ADAMANT, (and extremely thyrotoxic…hehehe…). I tell you this so you will avoid the mistake I made (i.e.firing a perfectly correct opthamologist, although he was a schmuck…). There are many posts already on the BB about eyes and tips for relief…Debbie Jass and Jake are absolute experts, as is Dianne Wiley. I have managed to avoid eye surgery thus far, tho’ I’m considering lid retraction. Hang in there…Best wishes.

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