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      No one in my family immediate or distant has GD, or other glandular diseases,
      BUT my Endo, and various doctors tell me somebody must. I’ve checked all
      living and not. We’re relatively healthy people.

      So my ‘quest’ is to find out how I got it so i can attempt to get rid of it!

      Does anyone else have a similar situation?

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        Hi again! No one in my family ever had it that I’ve been able to back track either. My grandparents lived to be fairly old, and I have alot of elderly relatives, and no one has heard of this thing. My grandmother had a goiter, but had it removed and never had any problems after that or ever took medicine. My endo said that didn’t count…so I’m not convinced that a family background carries that much weight. I’m sick of doctors thinking patients don’t know anything! I think they just don’t have all the answers, so they look for blame. It’s my understanding, that you don’t get “rid” of it. It’s here forever. Guess we just have to figure out how it fits into our lives. Trish

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          Im in the same situation: no one -known- in my family have GD.
          Probably we have an autoinmune problem; but I dont know how/why
          do antybodies react.
          Well, if your Endo doesnt believe you, he-she is out of question!! or
          can you just imagine going to a general doctor coughing while he-she
          tries to persuade you that your cold is just virtual?
          Well, usually is more that they have no interest in patients. So go and
          look for a non virtual doctor.
          Keep trying. Good luck!

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            I also do not have anyone in my family with GD; at least as far as my mother knows.

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              No one in my family has GD either. NO ONE! My doctors are always supprised
              at this. I figure, someone has to be the first. In my case my family abounds
              in autoimmune disorders: Diabetes, Lupus, Arthritis etc….My personal theory is
              that this happens to be my very own autoimmune disorder! :-) Anyway, I went back
              many generations and no go….good luck….Carolyn

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                Dear All,

                Since Graves is an autoimmune disorder, ask your relatives if there are any other autoimmune disorders in the family,
                not just Graves. Try for Diabetes, Lupus and others.


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                  It’s just really strange. My family has this astounding longevity. We tend to reach
                  th e 090’s and 100’s just so we can drive the rest of the family crazy. But aside
                  from the “busybody” aspect, we’re healthy. I have a theory and I’m studying all
                  the related posibillites. (I inadvertantly tested one and my pulse skyrocketed.)

                  But It’s interesting to know all the different autoimmune diseases maybe someone
                  somewhere in my familt “shrub” (we’re not big enough to warrent a tree”) had

                  Thank you for the input.

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