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      I have come to the conclusion that my computer at home and work has Graves too.
      The one at home keeps forgeting that there is a modem installed and I have to
      remind it that there is one there.

      At work today I went to save something to my hard drive and the computer told
      me It was out of memory and could not save the file. Out of meomry!! Just like
      me!! Wouldn’t it be great if someone asked me something and my forhead would
      flash sorry cannot answer the question out of memory!! When I cannot find my
      car keys my eyes would see sorry out of memory so I would not wrack my brain
      trying to remember something I know is not in memory. Wouldn’t it be nice. I
      wonder if I give my computer levothyroxin if it would increase its memory??

      Sorry for being silly but Now my computer has the same problem as me (out of
      memory). I wonder if it is contagious??

      Jake with the alzhimers computer.

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