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      Hi, I just read several days posts…wow. So many new folks here and so many ideas and questions. I am going to put all my responses together in this post. Hope that works okay. NOTES here for: CAROLINE, GLYNIS,

      CAROLINE…I have followed your journey for months now, exhaustion and depression make everything seem so bland, but don’t lose track of the victories you have had of late. Hang in there, your friends are still here for you!
      GLYNIS..bon voyage…you can do it.

      SUE K asked about an infectious agentas a cause of GD. IF it is the case, it would still be a causal agent in a matrix of other assaults on the body. It was Dr. Cooper’s opinion that there is little evidence to support the infectious agent theory..but then they would have to be out gathering info to support or disclaim it. Anyone aware of actual research on this? There is a strange thing I have heard commented on,
      what would be the explanation for clusters of GD in non similar age relatives? Anyway, Good question, SUE K.

      JEAN C. asked about eye products…you can use eye drops that come in “one serving” packages..they are enough to do both eyes and have no preservatives…Bausch and Lomb makes “Dry Eye Therapy ” and DUo LUbe
      for eyes at night. BION TEARS makes one too. And there are others..ask the pharmacist to show you what they carry.

      DENISE…Dianne is right, if you got a new thyroid you would just have to deal with the problems all over again…it isn’t really a thyroid disease…it is an immune system mistake. And that leads me to EM’s
      interesting comments…it is the anti-bodies. What can we do?
      Reduce stress, watch diet( I am..I saw what I just ate! ), rest, be happy….watch out for toxins, And plead with docs to find out what is going on.

      MELISSA…..From what I have studied, and posts here and the survey info.. surgery sounds like a very reasonable option in your case.
      I am so glad to here you are being properly prepared by being euthyroid first, and that you have an excellent surgeon ( this means one who has done this procedure many times? right?) RAI is not the right option for everyone. Please let us know how all goes.

      ABIGAIL T. Neat post, thanks for sharing…a good way to say life is still good even though we have fragile and imperfect bodies. Ultimately everyone gets there at some point in time.

      STEVE..feel better soon, dentist on top of…. is sometimes too much! SHANNON hi and happy moving..hoping it is an adventure that you can get into and enjoy.
      JOANIE…the first 8 weeks on TAPAZOLE are behind you. I suspect that you will feel lots better soon. If you haven’t had any reactions then you have probably made a good choice to try the anti-thyroid drugs. Hang in there and be matter what help we get, we all find we have to be patient. None of the treatments are instant feel normal or goods…but the direction is improvement and soon you should get a hint of yours!. I am on it too, since 10/96 and hardly take any now…I am very greatful for the way the Tapazole brought my thyroid levels down to normal.

      Okay, if this way is too awful to post tell me. Jeannette

        Post count: 93172

        I really enjoyed your “multiple posts” post! I think it helps to see issues commented together because it brings all of them back to memory with interesting ideas about each. Thanks for taking the extra time to compile them together. Please keep it up!!

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