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      Hi Debbie…So glad to hear this last eye surgery was not too tramatizing and you’re full of hope again. You’ve been a tremendous inspiration to me. I’m nervous about returning to work full time, but I’m determined to join life again somehow. My mental processes seem sluggish, like my brain is stuck in glue, but the depression and crying jags seem to be under control…at the moment. I know I’m going to long for the ease of being off work, but the tests begin Monday. Already they have me going out of town next week for a training in Sacramento…back on the road again. I definitely can’t make it to the chat room conference time scheduled for the 24th because I’ll be on the road. Next time, hopefully. Meanwhile I remain faithful to this BB and will keep checking in regularly. Till next time, Debbie, and I hope that light shining at the end of the tunnel remains bright for you…

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