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      Well folks the ongoing saga of GD continues. Rec’d the results back from my MRI. Oh, by the way aren’t they fun! Try squeezing down a long tunnel head first while all that strange stuff is going on. Anyway, does anyone else have this type of problem with arm and hand numbing up. The MRI indicated severe arthritis pressing down on 4-6 vertaebra causing arms and hands to go numb. This sounds like this makes sense, but I’m only 45 yrs. old, never had these problems before GD and RAI to wipe out thryoid. Now, this dr wants me to go to a neurosurgeon if I should elect for surgery!! Ya, right Why don’t I just shot myself in the foot and they can fix that too while they’re at it.

        Post count: 93172

        I’ve had it. My husband thinks my TSH is low because of me not being able
        to do anything but sit in my chair and watch my kids. Everytime I get up I get dizzy. I have no energy.
        If he wants to believe I’m depressed which I’m not, I’M MAD AND FRUSTRATED,then maybe I should give up
        and be depressed. The doctor’s could care less if I lose all my weight and my energy or drive a car get dizzy have a wreck.
        So why should I keep trying? Why doesn’t anyone listen to me????? It’s not normal for a TSH level to go from .78 to .19 in 4 weeks span.
        My husband says he knows I’m sick and the TSH is low but he thinks I caused it. I didn’t. If I did why would I ask
        and beg the doctors to tests? I want to plant my garden, cook delicious meals, clean my house and romp with my kids. It’s killing me not being able to that
        without passing out.I’m so tired. Nobody has listened to me since this all started in Feb. They refuse to put me on medication for a low TSH which at the
        hospital yesterday was .19. SO why should I fight. I GIVE UP

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