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      Hi Jake, I hope when they do these magazine interviews Graves Eye Disease is mentioned. I recently read an excellent article on Thyroid Disorders in a Canadian magazine publication, however, there was no mention of the possible resulting eye disease. I think more awareness of how the eye disease can affect people would help employers and families to understand exactly what we go through. The series of operations and the length of time between them makes this a long and debilitating process, especially if one gets the double vision badly and cannot drive or feel confident on their own at times.

      I don’t know if this spokesperson has suffered from the eye disease but it would sure be nice to have it included as one of the things that can happen as a Graves sufferer.

      Sure hope your doggies are OK. When anything happens to our little Dachshund concerning her health the mood around here is pretty depressing – talk about stress! My dog has been such a comfort to me while being home with this disease. Besides making me go for a walk each day I have to get up early to give her her anticipated treat and of course the unconditional love I receive is wonderful medicine. My thoughts are with you all that everything will be OK and they will be running around giving you that special joy soon.

      Take care, SAS

        Post count: 93172


        Been talking to the Ad Agency in New York City and things are on a roll.
        I will give you a “Hint” Four interviews have already been done for Fit,
        Cosmopoliten, Women’s day and a fourth I can’t remember (go figure). The
        magazines will be out this fall. Twenty two more interviews are scheduled.

        Now what does this mean to Graves Awareness and the National Graves Disease
        Foundation? In one Reader’s Digest 1994 article the NGDF was mentioned. WE
        received almost 1,500 letters that month. We also continue to get letters
        because of that article. All told over the past four years we have recieved
        thousands of requests for information.

        That was one article in one magazine. We are talking an article in upwards of
        twenty something magazines. The word will get out about Graves. We can only
        hope people will see the symptoms if they have it. There are an estimated
        8 million people walking around feeling like doodaa and don’t know why.

        Maybe they will see themselves and seek help. Maybe the doctor’s will start
        to look for it more. If this happens than the NGDF has gone a long way in
        it’s goal to be a educational organization and helping to educate those with
        Graves and those who provide care for people with Graves.

        OK, OK off my soapbox. I am just really glad we were able to get someone who
        is Nationally known to get the word out. More latter.

        Whistle wetter (you know just enought info to wet your whistle)

        On-line facilitator
        National Graves Disease Foundation.

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