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      From my ex-doctor:

      “Carolyn you’d be fine if you just figured out a way to utilize that
      over-active immagination of yours!”

      From my boss just prior to diagnosis:

      “I bet that you are just “stressed” don’t they have tapes or something
      for people like you!”

      From my clueless brother:

      “If you just keep positive thoughts, you can think this “whatever it is
      thing” away, thats what I do when I have a headache, works for me hon…
      give it a try.”

      gotta love ’em! ….Carolyn

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        The endocrinologist who eventually diagnosed my Graves’:

        “Well, you’ve definitely got the fine tremor. You can’t fake that. I’ve tried it, and it’s virtually impossible.” !!!

        You can imagine my reaction — now I know how a dog feels when someone kicks it when it’s down.

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          Beeeeautiful! Dontcha just love it!

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            My former Internist, “Well, you told me you wanted to lose the weight you gained with
            this pregnancy.” (Not on the “Hell’s Spa Diet”)

            An ER doctor in the beginning of this when I asked what to do with my
            major heart palpitations: “Just chill out.” (Like THAT is possible).

            A woman recently who called to say (very uncompassionately) that her
            elderly mother now has Graves’ and spent 3 days in intensive care:
            “Well, you MUST not have been that bad since you didn’t get hospitalized.”
            (Is this a contest? No, lady I just became a near agrorophobic trying to
            retain my sanity, take care of my family and make it through the first three months).
            Then she continued to drag the poor sick woman through
            the mud for inconveniencing them all with her health and mood swings,
            likening it to what she put as “audacity of some people who blame
            PMS” for things.

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              Let me add my two cents:

              Some months before I saw my doctor and had bloodwork, I suspected I was
              hyperthyroid from my symptoms: high pulse, constant eating, no weight
              gain, etc. I told a close friend at work and she said “No, you’re
              just a hypocondriac.” (where’s the spell check on this thing?) About two
              months later, I started gaining weight, so I figured maybe it was just
              stress. It took a few months, and a pulse rate of 130 before I visited
              the doctor. He suspected, and blood work confirmed, that I was hyper.

              This is a trying disease, physically and mentally. My SO, who
              thankfully, has finally developed some understanding after I asked him
              to move out once made a real gem of a comment: “Your problem is like
              all women. You think a pill will make you better.” This was said when
              the meds were making me very depressed and hypo feeling.


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